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with Leather Sacchettos and Super Powers

Cindy-Kay is a fashion empowerment community selling leather SACCHETTOS to beautifully organize handbags, empower women through SUPER POWERS and fund 3 women’s causessex trafficking, legal aid and women’s shelters. Super Powers is our weekly newsletter that focuses on one life area each month and helps you take small steps to great improvement. Sign up.

How the Sacchetto Works

The sacchetto organizes your belongings in your handbag. You can find things quickly and easily and can open it with one hand. If you carry a tote and want to take just a few things in to a meeting or lunch, you can feel proud to pull out this sacchetto and have everything you need.

Reduce Chance of Theft

When you are traveling, place your essentials in your sacchetto. The secure closure keeps your belongings out of sight which helps to reduce theft.

Easily Change Handbags

The sacchetto makes it easy to switch handbags. Use all those great handbags you own! Put your essentials in the sacchetto, and you won’t forget anything. Grab your phone, your keys and your sacchetto, and you have everything you need!


Use the sacchetto as a clutch! Going to a lunch and don’t want to take in your big handbag or tote? Pull out the sacchetto. Going to a wedding? Use the sacchetto for a beautiful statement. Only want to take a few things with you? Use the sacchetto.

New Size Added

We are now offering a mini sacchetto that fits cash bills and a card. Choose from white or black pebble leather and pink or yellow flower.

mini sacchetto

We are Cause-Based and Help Women in Need

We want to help as many women as possible, and we know that is important to you too. So we donate 50% of our profits to three women’s causessex trafficking survivor recovery, legal aid and women’s shelters. Learn more.

Cindy-Kay Community


In addition to helping women’s causes, we also empower women to find and use their gifts. Each of us is special, unique and wonderfully made. We have gifts and talents to offer. Sometimes we need a little help finding them or dusting them off. Start out with some positivisms, then get to work on building your Super Powers through our weekly newsletter.

Join our community, be empowered and empower others.