Give Help – Legal Aid for Women

Divorce is a challenging life situation whether it is chosen or not. In many situations, it can have a profound impact on your quality of life and style of living. The split may be tenuous and legal fees can be difficult. Money may be tied up in assets affecting liquidity.

As time passes, child support should be updated as wages change. Some states request W-2s and provide updated support. Other states leave it up to the individuals. Getting updated support may or may not happen because it can be emotionally charged.

We offer funding to cover legal fees to help in these difficult situations. Please complete this grant application.

We will review your information and based on available funding and case specifics, determine if we are able to provide a grant.

If there are other situations where an attorney’s expertise is needed, and you are not able to cover it financially, we will consider those needs on a case by case basis.

From our product sales, we donate 50% of our profits to 3 causes:

  1. Sex trafficking recovery
  2. Renovation of women’s shelters
  3. Legal aid for women

Learn more about each of the causes we support.

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