face yoga

Face Yoga

Is it vanity, is it our ego or do we just want to look the way we feel?

I remember an 80-year-old saying that her body may be 80, but she still thinks and feels like a 25-year-old. Many of us show our age in our face with our laugh lines, wrinkles and other badges of honor. Some don’t mind the passing of time. Others do.

Whether you want to look younger or whether you want to help your skin and neck be more healthy, face yoga is a great activity. It can help remove wrinkles and improve skin elasticity, restoring your face to the look of younger years.

There are important muscles in the face. Like other muscles in the body, use them or lose them. Face yoga is a great way to strengthen your facial muscles and have some fun. We promote exercises from two leading face yoga experts – Danielle Collins and Koko Hayashi.


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