About Us

Join us in an empowerment community for beauty, joy, compassion and kindness.


We know the struggles that exist. We have faced many. There were times when we didn’t have money to fill our gas tank or when we didn’t know how the bills would get paid. We had a support network and friends and family helped at various times. Not everyone has a support system or is willing to reach out. We know there are people who have struggled more than us, and people who have struggled less than us. Everyone’s story is important, unique and different. The objective is to help as many people as we possibly can by offering something of value.

Beauty and Joy.

We designed products specifically to bring beauty and joy to your life. You will find sacchettos to organize your handbag with beautiful images from specific locations throughout the world. These sacchettos organize your belongings and make your big, black hole interior of a handbag more organized. Or use a sacchetto for your tote or carryall bag and keep your belongings together in a pouch you are proud to pull out and use.

We will also be creating beautiful items that you might purchase on a vacation. You can vicariously visit the location of the image photo shoot and feel like you went there with us and purchased mementos of your trip. Use these items daily and bring beauty and joy to your life continually. See our collection, learn the story behind it and add beauty and joy.

When you give yourself the gift of beauty and joy, your purchase allows us to extend compassion and kindness to another.

Compassion and Kindness

The second part of our mission is to offer compassion and kindness. Half of our sales and profits will go to supporting women’s causes. One cause we selected is sex trafficking recovery through The Foundation United. If you have ever been scared or hopeless, learn more about individuals who have been saved from sex trafficking and the recovery process. There is great need for additional recovery homes. We will help fund them.

Another women’s cause we support are legal aid for women in need. Initially, we are targeting women of divorce who need additional legal support to get legal help to adjust their child support as changes dictate. We will also help other women who need an attorney for marital or safety reasons and cannot afford one. We want women to feel they are cared for and always feel they have power over their situation. If a few thousand dollars brings that, then so be it. Every woman should have a knowledgeable, powerful attorney who will do what’s right and fair so life is a little more fair for them.

Our third cause is supporting women’s shelters. We support the work of the Milwaukee Rescue Mission as they help courageous, battered women the Joy House. We will offer hope through kindness and compassion.

How You Can Help

We want beauty and joy to be a regular part of your day, so we have created products, blogs and videos that you can access to surround yourself with beauty and joy. We are delighted to offer made in the U.S.A. products with local materials, local workers and local ideas. Take a look at the products we have created and add beauty and joy to your life.

Know that our lives are enhanced when we approach others with compassion and kindness. Refresh yourself, join us on our monthly focus to further your personal development and engage in our community. Share your story and help others. Thank you for helping.

Cindy is a visionary through and through. She spent a decade in health and beauty consulting helping small businesses grow and increase their reach. After that, she ran a web design and branding agency that pioneered the first web endeavor for many businesses. When the first and only Nordstrom store in Wisconsin was constructed, she joined for launch and established herself as the leader in handbag sales. While leading marketing at a legacy sign company in Milwaukee, she conducted business planning for a luxury handbag brand to introduce sacchettos and founded Cindy-Kay.

Working together with Harrison, they are leading the launch of Cindy-Kay.