Get Organized and Empowered

Introducing leather sacchettos (Italian for pouch) to organize your handbag and empower many! We call it empowerment fashion.

group of empowered women in cindy-kay tshirts

Easily find what you need in your handbag. Switch handbags quickly and easily – without forgetting anything. Keep your items covered and secure when traveling.

The sacchettos do all this and more. They also help empower other women.

We donate 50% of our profits to 3 women’s causes:

  • Foundation United – sex trafficking survivor recovery, education and prevention
  • Renovation of women’s shelters
  • Legal aid for women

First Collection

Our first collection features a yellow mum and a pink hibiscus flower. The yellow mum pays tribute to our mothers and represents happiness, love, longevity and joy. The pink hibiscus flower pays tribute to our sisters – blood or through friendship – and symbolizes friendship and love.

yellow sacchetto in green grass

We feature macro images (close-up photography) to encourage you to slow down, look at things up close and see the beauty that is all around us. We want you to have a little bit of that beauty with you always, so we put it on the sacchettos and ask you to put them in your handbags.

pink sacchetto in flowers

When you need to feel some beauty and joy, pull out a sacchetto.