Empowering Many

Beauty & Joy. Compassion & Kindness

Join us in an empowerment community for beauty, joy, compassion and kindness.

  • Beauty & Joy Inside
    BJKCE – it is my favorite group of letters. It stands for what I most believe in – beauty, joy, kindness, compassion and empowerment. BJKCE sounds strong and gentle all at the same time. It can be said like a mother calling her children in to dinner at the end of a long summer day.… Read more: Beauty & Joy Inside
  • Shop Sacchettos
    Large handbags and tote bags lack pockets for organization. This problem is solved with a sacchetto. With 3 sizes, the sacchetto fits perfectly in any tote or handbag. The angle and design of the closure make it easy to find by feel alone. The magnetic closure is strong enough to hold your things securely, yet… Read more: Shop Sacchettos
  • Empowerment
    Join our empowerment community and focus on experiences, growth and community. Utilize free resources and sign up for a membership to take small steps to exponentially improve your life. When a person is empowered, their world changes.
  • Donations to 3 Causes
    When you give yourself beauty & joy with a product purchase, you extend compassion and kindness to another. Half of our profits will go to support 3 women’s causes through donations. Sex trafficking recovery Legal aid for women of divorce Renovation of women’s shelters Learn more.

When you give yourself the gift of beauty and joy, your purchase allows us to extend compassion and kindness to another.

We designed products specifically to bring beauty and joy to your life. You will find leather pouches with beautiful images from specific locations throughout the world. These pouches organize your belongings and make your big, black hole interior of a handbag more organized. Or use a pouch for your tote or carryall bag and keep your belongings together in a pouch you are proud to pull out and use.

We also created beautiful items that you might purchase on a vacation. You can vicariously visit the location of the image photo shoot and feel like you went there with us and purchased mementos of your trip. Use these items daily and bring beauty and joy to your life continually.

See our collection, learn the story behind it and add beauty and joy.

The second part of our mission is to offer compassion and kindness. Half of our sales and profits will go to supporting women’s causes. One cause we selected is sex trafficking recovery. If you have ever been scared or hopeless, learn more about individuals who have been saved from sex trafficking and the recovery process. There is great need for additional recovery homes. We will help fund them.

Another women’s cause we support are legal fees for women in need. Initially, we are targeting women of divorce who need additional legal support to get legal help to adjust their child support as changes dictate. We will also help other women who need an attorney for marital or safety reasons and cannot afford one. We want women to feel they are cared for and always feel they have power over their situation. If a few thousand dollars brings that, then so be it. Every woman should have a knowledgeable, powerful attorney who will do what’s right and fair so life is a little more fair for them.

Our third cause will change as needs warrant. Some students visited a women’s shelter in the area to help sort clothes. While the workers at the shelter do their best in dire circumstances, the shelter was filthy, the clothes were dirty and this is what was offered to battered women. We can do better. We will get this shelter cleaned up and redecorated to be a place of peace and optimism. We will provide commercial washers and dryers so the clothing donations can be properly cleaned. We will offer hope through kindness and compassion.

You can help in all this. Take a look at the products we have created. We are delighted to offer made in the U.S. products with local materials, local workers and local ideas.